Acupuncture with the use
of AcuGraph Measuring Technology


The use of AcuGraph measuring device provides real-time insight into your meridian system thus providing most effective acupuncture treatments. This unique technology produces pictures in the form of graphs and pie charts visible on a computer screen. These charts then will be analyzed and concluded to determine the most optimum and efficient way to reach your optimum health. Once the chart was analyzed a treatment plan is devised and acupuncture is used to balance the charts. This system is widely used by anyone who's tests are good but still can't seem to figure out what's wrong and also very good to rid long term fatigue, lack of motivation, depression, frustrations, sadness or general bad feeling. Using the AcuGraph system regularly will make it easy for you to see progress comparing your real time graph with your previous patterns to reveal a general larger picture of your overall health.

Rate Exchange:
60 min session - $125
5 sessions x 60 min – $535