Awakening NY is an authentic healing sanctuary for anyone needing a few moments of escape and tranquility. In addition to energy healing sessions, massage therapy and yoga, we have a huge variety of crystals, handmade jewelry and other items at our crystal shop storefront located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at 605 Manhattan Avenue (next to the Nassau Ave. G Train andWilliamsburg's McCarren Park by the Bedford Ave L Train). Awakening NY is the place where you will find inner peace by synchronizing and balancing mind, body, and spirit. 
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Awakening is about having things as they are, not as we want them to be. It is the process in which our interior and exterior become one, the dream state we’ve been living in melts away over time. It is not easy or without aches and pains.  In the process of Awakening from the delusion we have co-created for ourselves on this earthly plane, the ego will do its very best to remain as the primary ruler of our human will, and boy does it really flight to cling on!

Awakening is an act of resistance from becoming our True selves. It can come in many shapes and sizes.  It stems from the egoic self therefore, the ego doesn’t see itself within Awakening nor does it understand the benefits of the life change it brings. Some people create a new reality for themselves that they are “better” or more “woke” than others due to this newly heightened state of awareness they have labelled themselves in. However, all delusions begin in the mind… Awakening shows us that we are One, we were created equal, and until we become free from labels, tags, belief systems, comparisons, jealousy, anger, etc. True freedom will never be ours. Freedom and true Truth are one in the same.  

The merging of the self and the dissipation of the egoic self, will inevitably bring up a lot of the crud that no longer serves us in this lifetime. It can be from childhood trauma, or past lives even. Healing is not often relaxing and soothing, nor is it clean or simple – the process itself, much like a deep tissue massage can be quite painful and bring out toxins from within every aspect of ourselves. Awakening is becoming aware and letting go of old ways of thinking and breaking down belief systems that more often than not come from past generations.  The cleansing process, the clearing of blockages that come attached with pain, sorrow, trauma, negativity, depression, anxiety, even physical ailments, are exposed.

Awakening is not linear, everyone (at some point) fights to keep the comfort of negative thinking, blame, or self-pity they become so accustomed to. Humans find comfort in what is familiar, often becoming victims of their own making. Change is terrifying for most, but it is as we know, inevitable. The only constant in life is change. Looking back to the familiar comfort of duality (separation of ego and self), is like putting a baby band aid on a very large, deep wound. It acts as a temporary light at the end of a temporary tunnel that will never end if we aren’t honest with our Higher Selves. “The only way out is through”; Stay strong, hang on, it really does get so much better. Trust the process and enjoy the journey!