Awakening NY is an authentic healing sanctuary for anyone needing a few moments of escape and tranquility. In addition to energy healing sessions, massage therapy and yoga, we have a huge variety of crystals, handmade jewelry and other items at our crystal shop storefront located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at 605 Manhattan Avenue (next to the Nassau Ave. G Train andWilliamsburg's McCarren Park by the Bedford Ave L Train). Awakening NY is the place where you will find inner peace by synchronizing and balancing mind, body, and spirit. 
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Forgive me if I sound ignorant because I am - Science was never my forte BUT I have recently tried the Shumann Platte treatment (exclusively found at Awakening NY) and I really wanted to understand what the heck had just happened to me.  I felt like I was put back together - headache gone, body chilled out, brain was mush... heaven. 

Schumann Resonances, named after the physicist who first predicted them mathematically in 1952, occur when the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionospheres act as a closed waveguide. By using the formula, scientists have been able to compute the frequency of the Earth.  The Earth's normal frequency is 7.83Hz, in 2017 it spiked above 36+Hz - (the Earth, like its humans, is elevating vibrationally). The Schumann Platte (made with mystery, magic and a zillion crystals), shakes at the same resonance as the Earth (7.83 Hz).

As human beings, our frequency vibrates at an approximate 5.0Hz. During the Awakening process, which is happening to people all over the globe, we raise our vibrations physically and spiritually. With this change comes a variety of sneaky and uncomfortable symptoms. The list is comprehensive so to name a few fan favorites : chronic pain, migraines/headaches, job change/loss, relationship changes, anxiety/depression, sleep issues, past coming back up from where it had been buried etc. These ascension symptoms, where felt one by one or all at the same time are just confusing and it can be really hard to find the help you need through this period (which does get better).  They can come on out of (seemingly) nowhere and feel totally overwhelming. The Schumann Platte is here to help - it is a tool and a pal to help us through  and alleviates the symptoms. It balances, grounds, and vibrates the body to a higher frequency, one that more closely matches the 3D plane we live in.  As you lie on the Platte, your symptoms will buzz off and you will feel refreshed and renewed. 

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