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Mariola Jedynasty 
(Founder of Awakening, Energy Healer & Yoga Instructor)

      Mariola’s personal mission and her vision for Awakening is to help change the world by guiding people's focus towards their own personal growth, awareness, and by helping them live healthy lifestyles. Mariola's wish for the community at Awakening NY is not only to practice yoga & pilates, but to heal themselves and feel complete in mind, body and spirit. She personally hand picks the teachers, healers and staff who help uphold her deeply personal vision.
     Mariola calls herself a "wounded healer" as her path to healing was not without its own trials. She arrived in the US from Poland 26 years ago with an MA in Special Education. However, upon her arrival to the USA, Mariola began a very successful career in the Real Estate Industry as both broker and developer. Her "wake up call" arrived 11 years ago when she was diagnosed with skin cancer. Mariola made the important decision to change her lifestyle beginning with yoga to calm her mind and body, following with her exploration of various shamanic practices. She was initiated into shamanic work by a Brazilian feminine shaman named Denice Maya. Mariola's own difficult journey to becoming a healer allows her the connect to her clients on a deep, empathic level as the natural empath that she is, giving her work a truly special meaning and depth. 
     Mariola's gift as a healer is to bring forth people's authenticity and true joy in this lifetime. She offers hands-on energetic therapy such as her renowned treatments : Aura and Chakra Cleansing and Shamanic Reiki


Rafal Jedynasty
(Co-owner of Awakening; Crystal Shop Curator; Certified Crystal Healer & Sound Therapist)

     As a child Rafal felt connected with the spirit world and the elements of Mother Nature. He has been passionate about working with the energy of sacred stones and crystals for over 20 years. Rafal intuitevely feels the stones' vibrational connections, lending him the knowledge of each individual crystal's powerful and unique healing properties. 
     Rafal discovered that his ability to tune into the human body through his connection to the Earth and these vibrations was a gift to help heal others by seeing their blockages and the stuck energy within them. He surrenders to divine guidance during his healing sessions, he combines healing vibrations from crystal bowls,  Tibetan singing bowls, crystal tuning forks and pyramids. He was called to these modalities when he discovered that when the sound from the bowls merges with the crystals' healing vibrations, they activate the healing of the physical, emotional and psychological mind & body on a bio-cellular level.
     Rafal's goal is to help people relax, improve their self awareness and further their creativity.

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Paul Beaudet
(Master Palm Reader; Clairvoyant)

     Paul Beaudet is a Master Palm Reader. He has mastered this ability over 15 years, having studied at the Lily Dale Spiritualist Center in Western New York. He also trained at the Holistic Studies Institute in NYC, and is a certified Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Séance Conductor.
     PALMISTRY gives insights into one's career, health, and relationships. CLAIRVOYANCE can help answer specific questions and brings forth spirits of departed ones. Paul utilizes his clairvoyance with the palm reading to produce a clear vision of the future for his clients. 
     Rev. Paul Beaudet is also an ordained Spiritualist minister and holds services at Awakening NY on the 2nd Sunday of every month.


Paulina Skorwider
(Energy Healer)

     Paulina always understood that there was more to life than meets the eye. For 15 years, Paulina was very successful in the corporate publishing world.  However, despite her great success in the traditional sense, she felt strongly that there was still something missing in her life. She had not yet found happiness, fulfillment, and true connection with the essence of life and could not let go and be herself.  
     Paulina's journey began when she left the corporate sector to begin her transformation by searching for the meaning of life through learning and trying different energy modalities. Recognizing that her life’s purpose is to serve people and help them on their own paths, she helps reveal to them what has yet to be seen, connecting them to their souls and Divine Energy. 
     Thanks to her own personal experience Paulina empathizes and understands what people go through in different areas of their lives, which allows her to help them focus on what they are looking for professionally and personally.  Her sessions can help others move forward with more balanced and fulfilled lives. Paulina specializes in Reiki and energy paintings.

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Regina Rocke

(Breathwork Healer) 

     Regina grew up in a small town in Texas and moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2004. She spent most of her life dancing, pursuing both a BFA and MFA in dance before realizing that her true passion lies in a devoted spiritual practice. In 2014 she received a certification in Ayurveda from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda followed by receiving her 200-hour yoga teacher training from Kripalu.
     She completed Breathwork Healer training with master teacher David Elliot in 2017 and became a 500hr RYT in 2018. She believes in spiritual growth through the sharing of her practices with others.


Phillia Downs
(Shamanic Heale) 

     Phillia's shamanic healing comes from the Q'ero Tribe lineage of the Andean Medicine People and has been the most powerful transformative 'medicine' in her life that has given her the tools to take back her power and light through a deepest freedom, understanding and connection to be shining her most authentic true self - not who she thought she was supposed to be, raised to be, conditioned to be or traumatized to be. 
    Phillia is a walking, living, breathing testament that you can indeed transform your pain into your power, your shadows into light, and liberate yourself from being a prisoner of being held back from feeling safe to shine your authentic truth and essence into the world.

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Marcin Kowal
(Energy Healer)

Marcin's life path is devoted to investigating life's mysteries, their meaning and finding answers to the Universe's deepest questions. He has always asked himself - "What is Life all about?", "Why does everything exist?" "What is the purpose of existence?". After studying physics, philosophy, psychology and spirtiuality in hopes to find these answers, Marcin realized that what he seeked could only be found within himself. He understood that his own actions were blocking the expression of his true self and that what he considered to be his "self" was an illusion, the "ego".
     Having this breakthrough in consciousness, Marcin began to let go of control and began surrendering to Truth. He witnessed the unlocking of his gifts and the integrating of aspects of his True Self. These aspects make up our True Selves but have been lost due to trauma and illusion through lifetimes. They can include - Love, Happiness, Wisdom, Awareness, Light, Abundance, Spontaneity, Creativity, Freedom, Worth etc.
     Marcin's healings, Soul Therapy, is to help others with this reintegration of their true aspects.  By using his gift he is able to help others come closer to expressing their true selves in this lifetime and help them follow their life paths.