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Mariola Jedynasty 
(Founder of Awakening, Energy Healer & Yoga Instructor)

      Mariola’s personal mission and her vision for Awakening is to help change the world by guiding people's focus towards their own personal growth, awareness, and by helping them live healthy lifestyles. Mariola's wish for the community at Awakening NY is not only to practice yoga & pilates, but to heal themselves and feel complete in mind, body and spirit. She personally hand picks the teachers, healers and staff who help uphold her deeply personal vision.
     Mariola calls herself a "wounded healer" as her path to healing was not without its own trials. She arrived in the US from Poland 26 years ago with an MA in Special Education. However, upon her arrival to the USA, Mariola began a very successful career in the Real Estate Industry as both broker and developer. Her "wake up call" arrived 11 years ago when she was diagnosed with skin cancer. Mariola made the important decision to change her lifestyle beginning with yoga to calm her mind and body, following with her exploration of various shamanic practices. She was initiated into shamanic work by a Brazilian feminine shaman named Denice Maya. Mariola's own difficult journey to becoming a healer allows her the connect to her clients on a deep, empathic level as the natural empath that she is, giving her work a truly special meaning and depth. 
     Mariola's gift as a healer is to bring forth people's authenticity and true joy in this lifetime. She offers hands-on energetic therapy such as her renowned treatments : Aura and Chakra Cleansing and Shamanic Reiki

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Lauren Blum
(Energy Healer)

Lauren Blum has been on a global quest to learn secrets to conscious healing and longevity. In her travels, she has worked closely with indigenous communities learning their wisdom teachings. She is a graduate of The Four Winds Light and Body School, and has completed trainings in reflexology, acupressure, and herbalism. In her healing work, she blends her familial shamanic lineage and Q'euro indigenous practices with the foremost medical science - offering a complete and holistic healing. Plants and stones are used during each session, as well as instruments for sound. Through her work, Lauren assists others with finding their innate strengths and abilities and guides them inward, helping them reconstruct any negative physical manifestations. Her background includes herbalism, diet, movement, and art.

Lauren’s website: https://www.ofwolvesandwildflowers.com/


Lindsay Mann
(Akashic Record Reader)

Lindsay Mann is an intuitive healing artist, Reiki Master, and Akashic Records consultant integrating healing and higher guidance for wellbeing and sustainability. Lindsay’s work is based on the belief that healing people heals the planet. Lindsay’s personal practices of Vedic Meditation, Reiki, and Kundalini Yoga, were the catalysts for the most profound shift in her quality of life and for healing the repercussions of trauma. These practices revealed her connection to Spirit, her psychic empathy, and her natural gifts as an energy worker, which guided her on the path towards healing others. Lindsay received her Reiki I and II attunements and certifications with Erika Spring and completed her Reiki Masters with Lisa Levine, all under the lineage of Dr. Usui. She also studied Intergrative CranioSacral Balancing with Natalie Kasdan and Anne Samojedny. After her attunement and training in accessing the Akashic Records with Christina Cross, her psychic connection grew clearer and she now finds the Records to be the most direct and powerful guidance for healing. Through deep listening and accessing higher guidance, Lindsay offers her clients peace of mind and empowerment to trust their own unique ability to heal themselves. She combines the wisdom from all learned healing modalities to provide her clients with the tools and knowledge to support their own wellbeing practices.