Astrophyllite Raw

Astrophyllite Raw

from 60.00

Astrophyllite is a very rare stone. It will help you with feelings of acceptance and to make clearer decisions in a more productive way. This stone also protects your higher self. This stone rules the crown chakra as it is one of the strongest stones for developing spiritual and intellectual strength. It aids in enhancing telepathic abilities and contacting beings through psychic means. Its celestial light will fill you with positive energy.

Dimensions (can vary depending on each piece):
Larger piece:
Length - 2.5 in
Width - 2 in
Height - 0.5 in
Weight - 0.85 - 0.104 lbs

Smaller piece:
Length - 1.5 in
Width - 1 in
Height - 0.5 in
Weight - 0.36 - 0.6 lbs

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