Bumble Bee Jasper and Silver Jewelry

Bumble Bee Jasper and Silver Jewelry

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These pieces are large and incredibly unique. There are TWO individual, incredibly beautiful and standout pendant necklaces along with two sets of earrings made of this rare stone. We also have a gorgeous, simple oval ring surrounded in silver in a size 7.

Bumble Bee Jasper is known for the work it does with the solar plexus and sacral chakras. It aids in boosting self confidence, self love and gets us through by boosting our perseverance. This stone brings joy and light to the lucky human who purchases any of these (or all together!) pieces.

bumble bee jasper, silver:
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This stone enables you to accept change, find new opportunities, increase your self-esteem and make decisions without relying on emotions. It can help with abdominal issues, allergies, the nervous system, and heart and circulatory system disorders. Focusing energy on Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.