Citrine Pointer

Citrine Pointer

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Citrine works to energize and cleanse. It brings joy and abundance while reducing anxiety, fear, and depression. Citrine is a wonderful stone to encourage and bring out creativity and sexual arousal; It is soothing on the digestive system as it work with the solar plexus and sacral chakra. Good for problem solving, supports mental and emotional clarity. It cleans and balances the chakras and the body. It also opens up the crown chakra for a stronger connection to Source. Citrine is said to hold the power of the sun, engaging the human body in a much more powerful connection to the Universe.

**Pieces may vary from pictures**

LARGE Citrine pointer: Length - 3.5 in, Width - 3 in, Height - 4.5 in, Weight - 2.032 lbs
MEDIUM Citrine pointer: Length - 2 in, Width - 1.5 in, Height - 2.5 in, Weight - 0.304 lbs
SMALL Citrine pointer: Length - 1.5 in, Width - 1.5 in, Height - 2 in, Weight - 0.178 lbs

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