Single Rock of Malachite, Azurite, Quartz, Pyrite and Iron

Single Rock of Malachite, Azurite, Quartz, Pyrite and Iron


This rock piece mixing Malachite, Azurite, Quartz, Pyrite, Iron synchronizes the energies and properties of these crystals. The combination of Malachite and Azurite is wonderful for balancing the heart and throat Chakras. Powerful for aligning your chakras, aiding in high consciousness, bringing deeper connection with the universe while staying grounded, and aligning your energy centers, as well as grounding this piece looks like it fell straight from another planet to link its lucky owner to their higher self.

Length - 6 in
Width - 5.5 in
Height - 3.5 in
Weight - 3.2 lbs

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MALACHITE: is powerful for removing emotional blockages and opening your heart up to new experiences. If you are wandering down memory lane, Malachite reminds you that memories are like an old highway. Keep the past in the dust and move on, that's the message of Malachite. Also excellent for new relationships.

AZURITE: is powerful to aid communication, insight, intuition and the connection with Spirit. It activates and clears the Third Eye while clearing negative thoughts and old patterns of blocked energy in the mind, making way for a clear connection with the Universe, your Higher Self and the messages waiting for you. Azurite inspires creativity and higher consciousness.

PYRITE: enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic development. A powerful protection stone, Pyrite is very grounding. It brings energies of good luck or good fortune. Good on Solar Plexus & Sacral & Chakras.