Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

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Rutilated Quartz - also known as Angel Hair Quartz - heals vibrations. It illuminates the soul and promotes spiritual growth. The crystal assists out of body journeying, scrying and channeling while contacting spiritual guidance. It draws off negative energy, releasing the past and cleansing the aura. It’s a must have for healers because Rutilated Quarts filters negative energy from a client, supporting their energy field during emotional release and confrontations with darker aspects of the psyche.

Length - 3.5 in, Width - 4 in, Height - 5.5 in, Weight - 2.916 lbs

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is an effective integrator of energy at any level as it is a very efficient vibrational healer. Has a perfect balance of cosmic light and is an illuminator for the soul, promotes spiritual growth, cleanses and energizes the aura, aids astral travel and channeling. Focusing energy on Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat Chakras.