Growing up in Poland, Gosia was surrounded by green rolling hills, abundant trees and
flowers. She and her family relied on the remedies and gifts from nature for health and
wellness.  Since she was a teenager, Gosia had a great love for skincare and her true passion for holistic beauty grew when she moved to New York in 2005.

Her quest for healthy and radiant skin stemmed from her personal suffering from acne. This external issue caused her to feel unwell — emotionally and physically. She went to countless dermatologists and estheticians and desperately tried to find a solution that would clear her skin. After spending thousands of dollars to fix her skin, she realized that a radiant and beautiful complexion can be achieved through natural care. She came to understand that it was important for her to be a woman without fear, and feel comfortable on a physical and emotional level.

Her deep relationship with the elements of nature allowed her to heal her skin, lift her emotions and inspire her to help others by creating a holistic skin care line made from the highest and raw ingredients. As a licensed cosmetologist, aromatherapist and reiki practitioner Gosia has done extensive training to complete her education and has received additional certificates in holistic beauty and wellness.

She has worked in prestigious spas in Manhattan, building a loyal clientele including models, editors and workers in the film industry. She has helped many people with different skin conditions, and those with self-confidence issues. Known for her special intuitive touch and ability to read the skin and mind-body conditions, Gosia’s treatments and products are based upon her priceless experience and gifts.