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Monika Wierzbowska

(Pilates & Pilates Core Instructor)

Monika received her teacher and mat certification from the Kane School of Core Integration. Always seeking to continue her education, her interest lies most specifically on the effect of injuries, chronic pain, for example: scoliosis, the sacroiliac joint, Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI), prenatal Pilates, postpartum, osteoporosis, 'neck, shoulder and wrist', Pilates for breast cancer survivors. She enjoys working with a wide range of clients including athletes, mothers, seniors and those injured and with special rehabilitation needs.

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Steven Prestianni

(Classic Hatha Yoga Instructor)

Steven "Paz" Prestianni, a.k.a. Anandabhairava, began studying under the guidance of Sadguru Sri Mahayogi Paramahamsa, founder of the Mahayogi Yoga Mission, in 1996. He also had a definitive meeting with Swami Satchidananda, founder of The Integral
Yoga Institute, in 1988. Both schools profess the knowledge of Raja Yoga, the 8-limbed royal path, utilizing a classical form of Hatha Yoga for the third limb, asana (postures).


Zita Harkaran

(Kundalini Yoga Instructor)

Zita Harkaran has studied with influential NYC Kundalini teacher Hari Kaur and started teaching in 2010. She understands teaching yoga as way to allow students to reach their higher potential in health, energy level and on their karmic journey through life. As a teacher, she is deeply inspired by Eastern and Western medicine, intuitive tools like tarot, crystals and channeling. She also studies and experiments with mind enhancing practices. All of that with purpose to help us all enter more heart centered world.


Yael Krichely

(Dance Yoga Groove & Pilates and Yoga Melt Instructor)

     Yael is a certified Yoga teacher, trained in: Vinyasa, Hatha and prenatal Yoga.
She is a trained dancer and Pilates teacher. She has been practicing Yoga since 1998 and teaching Yoga in NY and Israel since 2000.
     "I came to NY to study dance, and while pushing my body to its limits, I was introduced to Yoga and its healing qualities. I was fascinated to discover that I can get more flexible by putting less effort, relaxing and really becoming aware of the breath and movement as one. I was amazed by this new approach to the body, mind and spirit." Her Yoga classes incorporate movement with breath, correct alignment and movement.
     After graduating her 200 hours at Greenhouse Holistic (Brooklyn, NY), she is now continuing her education with Yoga Sukhavati 300 hours YTT to achieve her 500 hour advanced teacher training certification, in Vinyasa Yoga including studies of alignment, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. She also completed her 85 hour prenatal YTT at Integral Yoga institute in NY, which was also where she took her first ever 200 YTT in Hatha Yoga. In the past year Yael has been focused her practice in Mysore Ashtanga Yoga.
Yael is also a child birth teacher with Birthing From Within. After personally going through three home births to my beautiful children and the intense impact it had on my body and spirit, I realized how much Yoga has helped me through the process. I got heavily invested in helping other women on their journey.”
“There is nothing better than teaching what you practice and love.” ~ Yael

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Barbara Gentille

(Vinyasa with Alignment Yoga Instructor)

     Barbara is originally from Milan, Italy. In 2006 she began her journey into yoga. After exploring different schools and teachers, she developed a steady Hatha practice. As her practice deepened so did her interest in meditation, philosophy, and nutrition, leading her to Yoga Teacher Training at Greenhouse Holistic (200 hrs) with Leigh Evans, where she graduated in Alignment Based Vinyasa. Ever hungry for more yoga and movement knowledge she embarked on Aerial Mukti Yoga Teacher Training at Jivamukti NJ with Sandhi Ferreira and in Yin Yoga at ISHTA with Ulrica Norberg. Anatomy has also been an important part of her training with a 108-hrs Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers completed in June 2016, where injury awareness and prevention where deeply discussed along with biomechanics and kinesiology.
     She is passionate about sharing her skills and helping people improve their well-being and awareness through yoga.
     Barbara also loves Circus Arts. Hoop Dance, Fire Dance, Aerial Arts (lyra, static trapeze) and Partner Acrobatics have enriched her life with new experiences, new friends, and an expansion of her movement vocabulary.
     She is the photographer and curator of the book “ELEVATE. Yoga on the Roofs of New York”


Cherie Yanek

(Baby and Me & Sweat and Restore Yoga Instructor)

     Cherie Yanek has studied yoga in India, Nepal, and the United States. She began practicing yoga in elementary school to the TV show Lilias, Yoga, and You, and in those days, her favorite asana was Lion Pose. She found solace in yoga at various points in her life, and found it to be a true compliment to running.
     Cherie Yanek received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification in in Goa, India, training under Hannah Harpole and Amanda Capobianco. In India, she also studied Kundalini Yoga (Braham Yoga, Rishikesh), Ashtanga Yoga (Kranti Yoga, Goa; various teachers in Bangalore and Mumbai), and Hatha Sivananda (Sivananda Vedanta Meenakshi Ashram, Madurai). She received her Reiki Level I certification in Hampi, India, with Swami Yogeshwara. In Yoga Haven (Scarsdale, NY), she received her Restorative Yoga certification.
     She teaches alignment-based hatha vinyasa, restore and flow, restorative, and yoga for athletes (especially for runners and for CrossFit athletes). Her practice combines pranayama, meditation, mantras, mudras, and intention-setting, and thinks of yoga as a lifestyle, not simply an exercise practice.
     She is also a writer; a certified RRCA running coach, working with athletes to achieve their running goals; a competitive ultrarunner; and is Race Director of the Burning Man Ultramarathon. You can find out more about her writing, coaching services, and yoga at


Hayley White

(Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor)

     I believe movement changes the mind. Change your state - change your mind. Previously a dancer and a runner, I began a consistent yoga practice connecting with the focus on breath with movement, intention and with the awareness of being in ones own body. I believe in an overall holistic approach to wellness including movement, meditation and mindful nutrition. Also an artist, I specialize in fluid line drawings often with an anatomical and movement theme.
     Classes are accessible, incorporate a restorative element and integrate creative vinyasa sequences with focus on building strength, correct alignment and awareness of the breath.


Avalon Demetri

(Mindful Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor)

Avalon is a northern California native and former professional ballet dancer. She has performed with the San Francisco Ballet and later the Eugene Ballet and studied at Pacific Northwest Ballet, Ballet Chicago, and Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. She received her Yoga Alliance 200-hr teaching certification through Pranavah Yoga in Queens in the fall of 2016, where she continued to teach yoga and fitness classes. In addition, Avalon studied meditation through the St. Francis Xavier Zen Meditation Group under Paul Schubert.

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Matt D’Amico

(Vinyasa Yoga Instructor)

Matt D’Amico found yoga five years ago after a fitness injury. While healing he found a new appreciation for movement while connecting the mind and breath. Expanding on his practice, he earned his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification and 50 Hot Teacher Training from Pure Yoga.

Matt D’Amico is a native New Yorker. To help balance out this fast paced city he focuses his sequencing on mindful movement, alignment, and breathe. Some of the life lessons that Matt has learn through yoga are; It’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you can do and letting go to try something new. You can follow Matt on Instagram @matjamdam