( Energy Healer )

Maria is a compassionate and nurturing Reiki practitioner who found in energy healing an effortless outlet for her natural warmth.  She loves nothing more than bringing people relief and comfort while making them realize their own strength, light and power to heal themselves. 
Shortly after getting an MA in Public Administration, feeling overcome with restlessness, she quit her job and left everything behind in Brazil to move to NYC, trusting she’d find herself where she belonged, eventually. She started practicing Transcendental Meditation and learning about energy, consciousness and awareness. 
In a moment of struggle during her quest for clarity, she found Mariola Jedynasty who, after giving her a deeply transformative Shamanic Reiki session, pointed out that she had healing hands and initiated her into energy healing and shamanic work. She received her Reiki Certification after deep and intensive training with Mariola.
Maria is highly intuitive, gentle and her warmth puts people instantly at ease. Her approach to energy healing is based on relentlessly radiating love to her clients to bring them physical, mental and emotional relief while empowering them to become who they’re meant to be.

Rate exchange:
Reiki Healing

$140/60 min