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Rate exchange:

Aura and Chakra Cleansing
for women w/body scrub $300/100 min
for men w/out body scrub $250/100 min
Shamanic Reiki - $190/60 min, $240/90 min


(Founder of Awakening, Energy Healer & Yoga Instructor)

   Mariola’s personal mission and her vision for Awakening is to help change the world by guiding people's focus towards their own personal growth, awareness, and by helping them live healthy lifestyles. Mariola's wish for the community at Awakening NY is not only to practice yoga & pilates, but to heal themselves and feel complete in mind, body and spirit. She personally hand picks the teachers, healers and staff who help uphold her deeply personal vision.
     Mariola calls herself a "wounded healer" as her path to healing was not without its own trials. She arrived in the US from Poland 28 years ago with an MA in Special Education. However, upon her arrival to the USA, Mariola began a very successful career in the Real Estate Industry as both broker and developer. Her "wake up call" arrived 11 years ago when she was diagnosed with skin cancer. Mariola made the important decision to change her lifestyle beginning with yoga to calm her mind and body, following with her exploration of various shamanic practices. She was initiated into shamanic work by a Brazilian feminine shaman named Denice Maya. Mariola's own difficult journey to becoming a healer allows her the connect to her clients on a deep, empathic level as the natural empath that she is, giving her work a truly special meaning and depth. 
     Mariola's gift as a healer is to bring forth people's authenticity and true joy in this lifetime. She offers hands-on energetic therapy such as her renowned treatments : Aura and Chakra Cleansing and Shamanic Reiki

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( Energy Healer )

Maria is a compassionate and nurturing Reiki practitioner who found in energy healing an effortless outlet for her natural warmth.  She loves nothing more than bringing people relief and comfort while making them realize their own strength, light and power to heal themselves. 
Shortly after getting an MA in Public Administration, feeling overcome with restlessness, she quit her job and left everything behind in Brazil to move to NYC, trusting she’d find herself where she belonged, eventually. She started practicing Transcendental Meditation and learning about energy, consciousness and awareness. 
In a moment of struggle during her quest for clarity, she found Mariola Jedynasty who, after giving her a deeply transformative Shamanic Reiki session, pointed out that she had healing hands and initiated her into energy healing and shamanic work. She received her Reiki Certification after deep and intensive training with Mariola.
Maria is highly intuitive, gentle and her warmth puts people instantly at ease. Her approach to energy healing is based on relentlessly radiating love to her clients to bring them physical, mental and emotional relief while empowering them to become who they’re meant to be.

Rate exchange:
Reiki Healing

$120/60 min



( Energy Healer )

Felicia is a reiki practitioner, doula, and astrology guide from NYC. In 2015, she had a transformative awakening experience during a healing session at Awakening NY, which put her on the path of opening up her gifts and being of service.
Her approach is unique, intuitive, and highly personal. She uses hands on shamanic reiki healing, having trained with Mariola Jedynasty to craft her own unique way of channeling the energies. She is gentle, compassionate, and listens to what is happening underneath the surface to help her clients feel more relaxed, grounded, and at home in their bodies. She holds space for client's light to shine through so that they can feel more aligned in every aspect of their life.  

Rate exchange:
Reiki Healing
Shamanic Reiki

$130/60 min, $170/90 min




Kenna Conway is a hypnotist and artist, with a passion for creating intersections between art and healing. For her, creativity and imagination are everything.
Kenna studied at UCLA’s Theater Film & Television School, although she eventually went in a different direction, taking on writing professionally. Her journey into the healing world began in India, when a modality called Theta Healing found her. Upon returning to LA, she began working out of the healing center, Liberate Emporium, where she had a private practice and ran workshops.
Kenna is a licensed hypnotherapist, trained by Melissa Tiers in NYC. She has studied under Taylor Eyewalker since 2016, immersed in the teachings of Tantra, spiritual psychology and Kundalini Yoga. In 2018, she began studying under Dominique Sire, learning to work with the energy of the feminine and wisdom of the body. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.



spiritual name - Karta Kaur

Karta Kaur started her journey into promoting a healthy lifestyle two decades ago. Now she has reached a point of refinement in what she loves doing which is to integrate your current lifestyle with a newly redesigned health conscious sustainable design that will work for you with little or no effort. She is an avid advocate of prevention, and firmly believes in that which you pay attention to grows. Karta will set you on the correct path to a clean bill of health by attentively listening to your needs and applying her skilled knowledge to design a user friendly lifestyle that fits you just the way you imagined. Her training and techniques are unique to Karta. She has trained with most famous masters such as Master Yang Fukui from Beijing China and late Dr.Dyal Singh Khalsa in Yogic Neuromuscular Therapy which is a complex manual spiraling energetic release of conscious and subconscious trauma trapped between muscle fibers throughout your body with the use of the first Reiki symbol of spiraling and what’s called Bio-Syncing the breath. This unique modality is a dynamic extremely deep tissue technique that will change your life. In contrast to this dynamic routine, Karta’s extensive personal meditation practice will take you to your most Zen state by her Swedish soothing essential oil massages, where she chooses the perfect scent for your needs. She’s trained at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in essential oils by famous author/practitioner Marc J. Gian L.Ac.,L.M.T. In addition Karta Kaur is also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher since 2006 teaching throughout NYC area since trained by world famous in the Kundalini community Sat Jivan Kaur and her husband Sat Jivan Singh, where she spent many years training side by side with them at their studio in Manhattan. Her experience and knowledge of the KY teachings enables her to show you how to habituate emotional self-defense within your first visit and let you find the purpose you have been looking for and help you set new goals for brighter future while establishing exponential positive sustainable growth that will pour into all aspects of your life.