Reiki transfers divine energy through the practitioner’s palms, which promotes healing in body, mind, and spirit. Throughout a Reiki treatment, you will experience deep relaxation, a slower heart rate, and improved breathing. Reiki focuses on balancing the nervous system and chakras for overall well being. Most people notice a difference after the first Reiki treatment, and the benefits grow with follow-up sessions. Reiki provides overall balance to help you feel and function better. This noninvasive practice is safe, and supports any medical treatment. During healing practitioners are using crystals to balance and recharge their body and aromatherapy for deep relaxation and bringing the state of tranquility.

Rate Exchange:
60 min session - $120

*Please arrive 15 min before scheduled appointment.



”Best experience ever.”
”An absolutely incredible experience. Thank you!!”
”Maria was lovely! It was such a relaxing and wonderful session.”
”I had a wonderful experience! Thank you :)”
”It's my first time I was very happy with the service I will recommend”
”Maria was amazing!”
”Maria was amazing - so empathetic, understanding and grounding. I had a wonderful experience with her, being someone who’s completely new to reiki healing! Would definitely recommend”