Our beautiful Harmony Studio is available to host your event, workshop (for example but no excluding holistic healing workshops, beauty workshops / events, lectures, etc.). The studio is an eco-friendly, state of the art space built with woven bamboo flooring, natural light and the option of several light fixtures to suit all healing workshop and event needs.
Please call 718.349.1380 or email to check availability.

Harmony Studio Rates:
$80/hr - for a workshop - includes blankets, bolsters etc.
$5/table - we have bigger and smaller sizes
$1/chair - 60 chairs available


We offer treatment rooms as hourly rentals to licensed private practitioners. We have 2 lovely spaces for wellness practitioners to rent for private practices. Ocean Room and Peace Room are ideal for body and energy work (massage, reiki, energy treatments). All rooms come equipped with a massage table, a head rest, sets of sheets, chairs, light dimmer, sink and AC/heating. Please inquire with our Front Desk by calling 718.349.1380 or emailing to discuss options today!

Practitioner Rooms Rates:
$30/hr - 7 days a week
$140/day - from Monday - Thursday
$180/day - from Friday - Sunday
$500/5 days a week - only if scheduled regularly