The Schumann 3D Platte, developed in Germany, uses a patented technology which generates three-dimensional resonance and 7.83 Hz Schumann waves to the body. Through the specific three-dimensional resonance pattern of our Schumann 3D Platte, your skeleton and body are gently straightened and put in order.  It works positively on fascias, nerves and muscle systems and both relaxes and de-stresses holistically.  The three-dimensional resonance helps relax any muscles in constant spasm or stiff posture due to stress, sedentary lifestyle (desk jobs), medication, unhealthy eating habits, body acidification due to electro-smog and helps reduce pain. The Schumann wave at helps restore the healthy resonance in the body on a cellular level. 

**Note** : It is recommended to drink one glass of water before and after the session. Please wear comfortable clothing and do not overeat before the session**
Practitioners : Mariola Jedenasty, Rafal Jedenasty

Rate Exchange:
$50.00 / 20 min session
$80 / 45 min session