Shamanic Reiki, Mariola's speciality dives much deeper than a regular Reiki session** The Shamanic Reiki energy cleansing uses Shamanic cleansing tools, crystal therapy, aromatherapy and Sound Therapy to wake up the senses which assists in the process of reinvigorating both the Physical and Ethereal bodies on a multidimensional level.

Mariola is an incredibly gifted Nature Empath who's abilities allow her to tune into the vibrations of one's body. She offers complimentary channeling with messages to bring home for her clients to continue their healing process if they wish to do so!


Practitioner: Mariola Jedynasty

Rate Exchange:
60 min session - $190
90 min session - $240


"I originally just purchased a few crystals, but then booked my first reiki session with Mariola. I walked out of there feeling like an entirely new person- the true me. Even my coworkers and friends noticed a change (without me even saying anything). As soon as I got back, I decided to sign up for Mariola's chakra cleansing, which was basically reiki x10 on the intensity level. I honestly cannot thank Mariola enough for everything she's helped me with. I feel like hope has been restored, along with confidence, inner strength, and happiness. I feel in control of my life again for the first time in a long time." (Britney I., Brooklyn)

"The real magic here is the healing sessions. I finally splurged and got myself a Reiki healing with Mariola - so glad I did! It was worth every penny. She is warm, wise, and direct and her healing was powerful. Wish I had tried this sooner! Will definitely be back." (Esme, New Mexico)