Practioner: Phillia Kim Downs

Rate Exchange: 
Remote Shamanic Healings (via Skype/Facetime/Zoom/Phone)
60-90 min session - $250
Despacho Ceremony:
60 min session - $195  


Remote Shamanic Soul Retrieval restores your fragmented souls back to you, giving yourself your own personal power back to move forward in your life in the ways that align with your authentic truth and nature.

Energetic Cord Cuttings is an act of love and not about disconnecting from a person, but to rebalance dynamics between challenging relationships or from ex loves that are still haunting you. It's about getting your power back in that relationship so you can function from a place of inner strength, clarity, courage and compassion, or finally have the energetic closure to make room for wonderful new connections to come into your life.

Past Life Readings can bring psychological understanding to the hidden dynamics within key relationships in your life or concerning situations that have past or currently in. 

Despachos for Sacred Fire Ceremonies: A Despacho is a special powerful offering where I will create a special mandala that gets burned into a sacred fire ceremony, becoming a living prayer for your deepest requests that brings energy shifts and healing.