Sound Healing with Rafal awakens an ancient remembrance, which touches the soul and helps you to connect with the source of our creation. During this modality of healing - physical, emotional and mental blockages are removed through the vibrations of sound generated by the singing bowls, chimes, crystal pyramids and tuning forks. This process will be empowered by healing properties from the crystals placed along the body intuitively chosen by your healer, Rafal

Practitioner: Rafal Jedynasty

Rate Exchange: 
60 min session - $130



I highly recommend the Sound Healing with Crystals. I've never had a sound healing session or been to a sound bath before. Rafal is an intuitive, gentle healer who took care in making me feel comfortable. He has the ability to read energies and create a personal experience. I became deeply relaxed and as I did, I felt the vibrations of the sound awaken and stimulate my mind. I didn't want the session to end. When the session did end, my body and mind were still feeling the affects of the sound vibrations. I appreciated that Rafal and I spoke about the experience and his observations afterward. I'm already looking forward to my next Sound Healing experience. (Ashley K., Brooklyn)