20% off for Dream Catchers, Sage & Palo Santo,
Aura Cleansing Sprays, Native American Art,
Musical Instruments, Incenses and Jewelry.

To honor the coming of Indigenous People’s Day, we have decided to offer various items with indigenous roots on a discount. Indigenous People’s Day, or in some places referenced as Native American Day, is a day meant to honor and celebrate the unique history, culture and struggles of the indigenous peoples. With a rich history infused with spirituality and deep connections, we would like to honor the culture of the indigenous peoples, who for so many years have faced discrimination and humiliation with our
Sound Gong and Meditation Circle on Friday, October 18th @ 7:30 pm
led by Anandabhairava & Anandashvattha.

Our MISSION at Awakening NY Healing Center is to bring health and wellbeing to you as a radiant manifestation of a balanced body, mind and spirit. Our treatments provide nourishment for you as a whole being, the perfect being that you are. We are simply here to help remind you how to find this perfection within yourself. Please join us to learn how to relax, calm your emotions, clear your energy & mind, and learn tools to raise your consciousness.