Practitioner: Mariola Jedynasty

Rate Exchange
** Women
(with body scrub): 100 min session - $300
** Men (without body scrub): 100 min session - $250

*Please arrive 15 min before scheduled appointment.

Aura and Chakra Cleansing revolves around our connection to Mother Earth.  

Practitioner Mariola Jedynasty's healing technique uses an individualized blend of body scrubs, herbs, stones, essential oils and special Shamanic breathwork exercises. By removing stagnant energies and emotional blockages the client receives the benefits of mental clarity and a boost in vital energy. A typical session involves chakra alignment and a very deep, multidimensional level energy clearing.

The benefits you will typically receive from a session includes enhancing your self-esteem, unleashing of your inner power and connecting you to your true self. A follow-up plan is established after the session for further self-healing.

This is an incredibly powerful form of healing for clients who suffer from depression and anxiety. 

If you would like to know more about the healing, read article that Oprah Magazine did with Mariola:

Mariola in Elite Daily Magazine:


"My favorite healing center in all of NYC!  Mariola is an Angel and has absolutely changed my life - the aura and chakra cleansing sessions are very powerful.  Would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to heal on a deep level." (Wilda, New York)

"Mariola is a divine intercessor. Her chakra cleansing has taught me so much about myself and has awakened me to new potential. In the few months since I've been meeting with her, I have experienced a fresh  awakening to my creative abilities and what possibilities lie ahead." (Dee, Brooklyn)